Talk to Us West Covina

Fred Sykes-District 5-2022 West Covina City Council Candidate

September 13, 2022 Steve Bennett Season 2022 Episode 9
Talk to Us West Covina
Fred Sykes-District 5-2022 West Covina City Council Candidate
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2022 Candidate Series - West Covina City Council

Candidate: Fred Sykes
District: District 5
City: West Covina
Election Date: November 8, 2022

Phone: (626) 806-4272

In this episode of Talk to Us West Covina we sat down with FRED SYKES, a candidate for the West Covina City Council in District 5 this November. 

This special “Candidate Series” was produced by interviewing each candidate separately.  In addition, all candidates were asked the same questions, regarding the same topics such as their position regarding on-going deficit spending by the City, the proposed Municipal Health Department, and crumbling city spaces. 

None of the candidates were provided any questions  in advance of their interview.

While all candidates were contacted to participate and make their positions known, some declined. (Listed below)

We commend the candidates that were interviewed and shared with the residents of West Covina their thoughts about what’s ailing our City and how to change that.

The Candidate Series is great way to get to know the candidates.

NOTE: For the "Candidate Series" we have added "Chapter Markers" for each topic discussed.  Please feel free to use these to jump to specific questions and topics.

Non-participating candidates listed here

District 2:

  • Letty Lopez (Incumbent)

District 4:

  • Yara Wolff

District 5:

  • Richard Reyes
  • Ramod Sotoodeh
  • Tony Wu (Incumbent)

Talk to Us West Covina:


City Budget
Public Safety
Economic Development-Glendora Ave
Economic Development-Sale of City Yard
American Rescue Plan Act "ARPA"
The BKK Landfill
West Covina Health Department
West Covina Sportsplex
WC Fire Dept. vs LA County FD
LA County District Attorney George Gascon
Closing Statement